Barcelona Nights Signature Script


Introducing Barcelona Nights, the font for the summer for a casual yet edgy upscale look.

Licensing? Easy peasy! Please feel free to use this font for personal & commercial projects, but please never, ever share or transfer the files to others.  For extended use and embedding, contact me!

**Barcelona Nights Signature Script** is a luxury signature-style font, crafted with a lot of love. As I lettered this font, I looked back on nights spent in this beautiful, artistic, hip city. If you are a brand designer, you need this font in your arsenal. It would be perfect for high-end brands for fashion designers, photographers, trendy restaurants, or other edgy modern brands.

**Barcelona Nights** is an incredibly diverse font with robust features — both in the look + feel of the font, and in the programming:

– Includes upper + lowercase letters, numbers, basic punctuation, and Western European language support.
– Includes a full set of stylistic alternate lowercase characters, and 98 ligatures to maximize the handwriting + signature style of the font. It mimics handwriting, or a quickly jotted note or scrawl in your favorite notebook.
– Each letter has a different exit stem. So any character connects to the one next to it just a bit differently than other characters, true to handwriting and signatures.
– The baseline is varied and letters vary in thickness, mirroring the look of varied pressure when writing.
– Barcelona Nights is PUA-encoded. It includes a lot of OpenType features best accessed through a Glyphs panel, but its PUA-encoding makes the special characters easy to find in a character map.

**Ligatures Include:**

ab ad af ah ak al am an and ant ar as at att bb bl ca cc cd ce ch ck co dd de dl dt ea eb ed el em en and er es est et ett ex ff ga gh go ha he ho ia ie if il im in is it itt kk la ll ma mm mc na ne nn ns nt oa of oi ol oo os ot ott ou ow oy ph pp pt rr sa se sh si so st su th tt ue ul un us zz

**Discretionary Ligatures Include:**

ll rr

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Barcelona Nights


Font files include .otf, .ttf, and webfonts. Some fonts include OpenType features, best accessed through programs that support them. Like Adobe Photoshop or Adobe Illustrator — you can access them through the Glyphs panel! Also access ligatures, swashes, and other special characters through Character Map or FontBook and copy/pasted. Please understand what you are purchasing before you do so. The extra characters WILL take some hunting down if you don’t have easy-access software like Adobe products.

For information on installing fonts:

For information on OpenType features:

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