Elementor Add-On Page Pack: Moda


What’s Included:

  • Professionally-designed, fully editable add-on pages & opt-in popup for your website, as displayed in the product images.
  • Detailed instructions on how to use your add-on pages, including links to videos showing how to use them.
  • 3 Elementor Pro templates for a blog page layout, post template, & opt-in pop-up, the free version of Elementor doesn’t support these.

Requirements: A self-hosted WordPress website that uses the (free) drag & drop website builder Elementor.
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Recommendations for Designers: Elementor Pro & Ultimate Addons for Elementor will provide tons more options, such as on-page custom CSS, but they aren’t necessary.

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Website Elementor Add-On Page Pack

This design resource provides professionally designer Elementor WordPress page layouts shown in the product listing images. Using the Elementor page builder on a WordPress website, a website owner is able to import pre-designed page layouts such as this one with just a few clicks.

Elementor is the most popular drag & drop page builder in WordPress these days & the core plugin is their free version, which makes it possible for even a complete novice to create stunning websites. If you’re a well-versed web designer, Elementor makes it possible for you to greatly speed up your design & build process as well as level up your web design skills. WordPress websites continue to be the most popular in the world & if you start designing with the Elementor page builder, you’ll quickly realize that the pro version is money well-spent. Our add-on pages don’t require Elementor pro, however.

Professional Web Design On Your WordPress Site

Using the free Elementor page builder plugin, website owners can have a professionally-designed website with this resource simply by importing the templates we’ve created & then swap out the images & text with their own in literally minutes of time. Best of all, we’ll link you in a readme file as part of your download with free stock image resources that web designers all over the world have been using for years, so if you need free, high-quality images for your websites, this will set you right.

Customization Options with Elementor Functionalities

If you like our templates but want to change them up a bit, you can definitely do that with only the free version of Elementor. Move columns around, change typography or colors, add in new elements, show off some neat hover effects for desktop, etc. As the designer, you’re really only limited to your own imagination. The Elementor page building experience is simple enough with its drag & drop interface but can be as complex as the designer wants to make it, as well.

Great for Designers

In addition to inspiration, one of the biggest challenges faced by web designers nowadays is finding quality resources that make their lives easier, it’s important to meet the deadline that the client has been provided without breaking the bank & maintaining a good work/life balance & these templates may be used on as many web design projects as you like. We provide just that with our add-on Elementor template packs.


The only thing you can’t do with them is resell our templates as a standalone product, by themselves or in a bundle. These templates must be incorporated in a finished product (website) for transference.

Advanced Elements

There are some premium add-ons that a designer might want to consider for Elementor that can take their service up a few notches. The pro version of the Elementor plugin provides an abundance of premium elements but as a designer, one of the more useful features would be the ability to use custom CSS directly on the page, giving the designer the ability to be hyper-specific without impacting any other pages on the website. Eventually, we feel that web designers operating within WordPress will owe it to themselves to consider Elementor Pro – it truly is an amazing plugin.

Ultimate Addons for Elementor is also a plugin that introduces new features for the savvy web designer & our templates work flawlessly with all of it.


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