Quick Inspo to Start Creating

Don’t Wait to Create

Looking for a sign?
Here it is!  🙂
Chances are, if you’re reading this, you’re a creative.  You might even run a business that turns your passion, skill, or creative prowess into a profit.  We might be freaking thrilled to do what we love, but we all get stuck in a creative funk once in a while.  Maybe you’re not feeling it today.  Maybe you think you’re too busy.  Who knows?  Maybe you are. 
Or maybe you feel like there’s this awesome new thing that you’re right on the verge of coming up with but you just can’t put your finger on it yet, and you wind up totally paralyzed from this creative energy that you can’t direct anywhere.  (I feel like this 85% of the time.)
If you’ve been waiting around to get started, knock it off.  There’s no time like the present to get started creating.  Stop waiting for the inspiration, or the right time, or whatever other excuse you might have thrown out there.
Don’t wait to create!
(PS — you can right click + save that graphic up there.  Feel free to share on social media, or with someone that you think needs to hear it!)

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